Friday, September 17, 2010

Sagebrush in bloom, Ice cream!

The sagebrush has been a little strange lately, 1/2 blooming, stopping, not really in a full run towards flowering.. But this one, just outside of my studio is giving me a great show every day.

It's full of blooms yet to open, so it should be much fuller soon.  This particular bush is light violet.  When the hillside we over look from the patio is covered with sage in bloom, it's awesome.  It's such a treat to see whole pastures brilliantly colored like this! 

The flowers range from a very light violet to a vivid deep violet.  Here and there you'll see a white bush, but really, it's not a pretty show like the violets.

You'll hear it called both "Cenizo" and "Ceniza."  More common names in this area are Sage, Sagebrush and Purple Sage.  The light silvery gray leaves always stand out when backed by the greens of the pastures.

Deer browse the sage if their normal food supply is sparse.  Butterflies are loving the blooms, you can find 3 or 4 different types right now, all happily enjoying!

They wanted ice cream.    Kittie likes vanilla. 

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vulture inside of the patio!

Turkey Vultures

Turkey Vultures occasionally sit on the patio fence, but this one came inside of the patio.

His huge size is apparent perched on the bird house tree!

I tried to get a close up so you can see the color on his head.  These were shot from inside of the house, looking into a bright morning light - not the best, but the best I could get.  Hope you enjoy!

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